Alex and Ani Jewelry Review

About Alex and Ani

Alex and Ani Jewelry Review

Alex and Ani is a casual jewelry brand that’s known for its simplistic and contemporary designs. They sell various types of accessories such as bracelets, necklaces, rings, necklaces, and more. They also collaborate with well-known pop-cultural influencers such as Disney, Harry Potter, and the Friends tv show.

With a large fan following of over 1 million on Instagram, Alex & Ani has been spotlighted by the media including publications such as Today, the New York Post, and Forbes. 

If you’re new to this brand, this Alex and Ani jewelry review will fill you in with all the details you need to know. This includes looking into their products, customer ratings, promotions, and more, to help you decide if their products are worth the buy. 

Overview of Alex and Ani

It all started with a love for sparkly things. Founder Carolyn Rafaelian was deeply rooted in the jewelry industry as she worked as an apprentice for her father when she was young.

They were employees for a jewelry manufacturing business called Cinerama in Cranston, Rhode Island. In 1966, Rafaelian decided that she would continue in the family business by establishing her own. 

Combining the first names of her daughters, founder Carolyn Rafaelian affectionately branded Alex and Ani as her very own jewelry business in 2004. When the company first launched, they started off selling five crystal-adorned cocktail rings.

However, the business started to pick up with thousands of jewelry pieces being added to their inventory. Alex and Ani is now well-known for their signature, expandable wires.

Their jewelry signifies 50 years of quality craftsmanship. The company’s designs, ranging from Alex and Ani charms to Alex and Ani rings, are made out of recycled materials.

Alex and Ani ensure that their metals are carefully crafted with safe materialsare nickel-free, and are made using eco-friendly fabrication. Their jewelry is handled by their team of over 1,500 employees. 

Today, Alex and Ani is a billion-dollar company. In 2014, Rafaelian stepped down as CEO amidst a scandal– but that’s a story for another time. The company continues to flourish to this day. 

“We believe in working together to create something bigger than we ever could alone. Creating quality jewelry with integrity in Rhode Island is in our blood. We’re here to empower the community and the human spirit. Our purpose is connection. Our home is Rhode Island,” via a statement from their website. 

Before we get into this Alex and Ani jewelry review, let’s go over some initial pros and cons of the brand.


  • Thousands of jewelry pieces to choose from including Alex Ani Disney designs, Alex and Ani evil eye jewelry, and Alex and Ani sister bracelets 
  • Jewelry is clean, eco-friendly, and nickel-free
  • Alex and Ani donates a portion of its revenue to universities and charities 
  • Offers Afterpay as a payment option 
  • Free standard shipping for US orders 


  • Website orders cannot be returned or exchanged

When you think of jewelry stores, you often picture high-end retailers, hefty price tags, and large glittering gems. Whatever happened to simplistic jewelry that you can wear casually? If you’re looking for something that isn’t too overtly glamorous, Alex and Ani is known for producing designs that exude understated beauty.

From a sentimental Alex and Ani mom bracelet to signify your gratitude to a matching Alex and Ani outlet best friend necklaces, there are thousands of designs to choose from. 

Finding that perfect gift by perusing through thousands of jewelry can be overwhelming. They offer a wide collection of necklaces, bracelets, rings, earrings, ankletsand more. Customers can also shop by collaboration or symbol.

Stay tuned as this Alex and Ani jewelry review will highlight a selection of their bestsellers to get you started. 

Alex and Ani Bracelets Review

Depending on the design, bracelets can often reflect your personality. Alex and Ani offer several designs in this category ranging from their bangles, charm bracelets, cuffs, and beaded beauties.

So, do you love collecting charms or love those VSCO girl puka shell bracelets? This Alex and Ani jewelry review will provide you with our take on some of their fan favorites. 

Alex and Ani Jewelry Aunt ‘Trusting Guide’ Charm Bangle Review

Alex and Ani Jewelry Aunt ‘Trusting Guide’ Charm Bangle Review

We all have that favorite aunt we look forward to seeing at the next holiday dinner. She’s not uptight about the rules, always has exciting stories to tell, and contains just a little bit of sass. Instead of opting for a coffee tumbler or a store-bought sweater, consider gifting her with the Aunt ‘Trusting Guide’ Charm Bangle for a more sentimental touch. 

This expandable wire bangle comes in either shiny antique silver or gold. It holds a delicate two-sided charm that says ‘aunt’ on the front and ‘a trusting guide, forever by my side’ on the back. It also features three small additional charms that hang off the side. The bangle can adjust to any wrist size ranging from 2” to 3.5”.

Alex and Ani bangles are one of their bestselling jewelry collections, so you know you’re getting your aunt something very much in style. The Aunt ‘Trusting Guide’ Charm Bangle is listed for a budget-friendly price of $29

Alex and Ani Friends ‘You’re My Lobster’ Duo Charm Bangle Review

Stating that Friends is your favorite TV show is an easy conversation starter. If you and your best friend have a mutual love for this 90s sitcom, the Friends ‘You’re My Lobster’ Duo Charm Bangle is the perfect birthday gift that your BFF is sure to enjoy. Just make sure you’re not as awkward as Ross was in the episode when you give it to them. 

This adorable bangle is made out of shiny silver metal with a cute red lobster charm hanging from a loop. There is also a matching charm reads ‘you’re my lobster.’

The Friends ‘You’re My Lobster’ Duo Charm Bangle features three petite silver charms as an added finish. Expandable up to 2” to 3.5”, there’s no need to worry about if it will fit or not. Signify that your friendship is forever (similar to lobsters in a glass tank) for $44

Alex and Ani Sunflower Charm Bangle Review

Alex and Ani Sunflower Charm Bangle Review

While the sunflower is commonly attributed to the summer heat, it’s also known for its symbolism. It starts as a sapling and grows feverishly in height to reach the sun. It’s the type of flower that makes you feel in awe of its glory and can signify positivity for always looking on the bright side. If this sentiment reminds you of someone special, the Sunflower Charm Bangle is the perfect gift to let them know that you’re thinking of them. This Rafaelian silver bangle features a gorgeous gold-tinted sunflower with decorated silver beads acting as the seeds.

To add more glitz, there are three minuscule Alex and Ani charms that dangle as a complementary set. Expandable to 2” to 3.5”, this component ensures that you receive an optimal fit. Let your nearest and dearest know that they’re a constant light in your life with the Sunflower Charm Bangle for only $29

Alex and Ani Pull Chain Cross Bracelet Review

Designed for those deeply involved with their faith, the Pull Chain Cross Bracelet is the ideal present to signify love for Jesus. The pull chain is available in either 14kt gold or .925 sterling silver. It showcases a simple but beautiful cross charm that’s held together on the sides of the chain.

This design is not only unique but ensures that the pendant isn’t swinging around when you move. The minimalist bracelet can symbolize hope, prayer, and a love for your faith. It’s a beautiful addition to any rosary or communion pendants that you may wear to mass.

If you want a symbol to carry with you to ensure that you’re not alone, this trinket is for you. It’s also adjustable as it can expand up to 5.5” to 9.5”. The Pull Chain Cross Bracelet costs $69.

Alex and Ani Necklace Review

Necklaces can be considered a comforting piece of jewelry. Some of us have a sentimental attachment to them as we can’t leave the house without having it on. Whether the necklace signifies something important to you or reminds you of someone you love, there is one for every occasion.

Alex and Ani has a wide collection of necklaces including varieties with cute charms to simplistic designs that match any outfit. This Alex and Ani jewelry review will highlight a couple of their most popular models down below. 

Alex and Ani Hamsa Necklace Review

Nobody likes bad luck. While life can be spontaneous, we often have to hope that things go our way. To ensure that you are only met with good fortune, the Hamsa Necklace is the quintessential emblem to wear.

The chain can either be made out of a stunning .925 sterling silver or out of 14kt gold. Hanging from the bottom holds an intricately engraved Hamsa symbol pendant. 

This Middle Eastern symbol is known as a protective talisman to ward off Ayin Ha’ra or better known as the evil eye. Helping to ward off any negative energy, this necklace will provide a sense of comfort when you’re in uncertain situations.

Measured at a chain length of 21” and adjustable to 18” in total, the Hamsa Necklace is priced at $89.

Alex and Ani Elephant Necklace Review

Alex and Ani Elephant Necklace Review

In the most general meaning, elephants symbolize strength and power. This Elephant Necklace showcases an elephant pendant as its main feature to show off your strong side. Held either by a .925 sterling silver chain, a 14k rose gold chain or a 14k gold chain, this design is part of their Wear for Luck + Prosperity collection.

This is because the elephant is a symbol of good fortune and strength. And of course, you can also wear this necklace if elephants just happen to be your favorite animal. The overall chain length can measure up to 18” and can adjust to 15” to ensure a great fit.

According to the website, the symbol embodied in this Alex and Ani necklace is “held sacred in India. Elephants have an advanced sense of empathy and kindness. They teach us that strength isn’t always physical.” Wear the Elephant Necklace as a good luck token for just $89.

Alex and Ani Moon Necklace Review

Alex and Ani Moon Necklace Review

Some people gravitate more towards the moon and others favor the sun. This isn’t meant to be taken literally as it’s more of a symbolic statement. Some individuals are more subdued and calm, while on the flip side, there are others who are more energetic and spirited.

If you find yourself more of an introvert, the Moon Necklace was designed just for you. This Alex and Ani charm necklace is designed in three chain finishes. This includes a 14kt rose gold option, a 9.25 sterling silver model, and a 14kt gold version.

Ideal for those who are infatuated with astrology, this necklace holds a simplistic crescent moon charm. It’s also adjustable and can be shortened or lengthened up to 15”, with the chain length measuring up to 18”. If you identify yourself as a spirit of the moon, purchase the adorable Moon Necklace for just $89

Alex and Ani Saint Christopher Necklace Review

Alex and Ani Saint Christopher Necklace Review

While the Virgin Mary and Jesus continue to be dominant symbols within Christianity and Catholicism, this necklace shines the spotlight on another central religious figure.

The Saint Christopher Necklace features an emblem of Saint Christopher on the main pendant. This biblical symbol is the patron saint of travelers and a sacred source of protection

He was also known to help a child cross a river by bearing him on his back. This child was then revealed to be Jesus himself. With this in mind, this necklace is ideal for those who are avid travelers looking for luck and protection.

The chain is available in a Rafaelian silver finish or a Rafaelian gold finish. The Saint Christopher Necklace is 32” inches long and can even be worn as a choker for a more stylish option. 

The Saint Christopher Necklace is currently on sale, marked down to $19 from the original price of $38. It’s important to note that his item is final sale.

Alex and Ani Feather Necklace Review

Alex and Ani Feather Necklace Review

As part of their Wear for Faith + Hope collection, the Feather Necklace displays a petite feather pendant as its main feature. According to the website, it is a symbol that signifies light and air. It’s also known to be an emblem of truth, justice, charity, hope, and faith.

If you hold these values close to your heart, then this jewelry piece will be a nice addition to your collection. The chain is either finished in .925 sterling silver or 14K gold. In terms of the length, it’s measured at 18” and can adjust up to 15”.

As a styling option, this Feather Necklace would pair perfectly with a summer tunic dress and a cropped sweater layered on top. This adorable but symbolic necklace can be all yours for $89

Alex and Ani Jewelry Reviews: What Do Customers Think?

This Alex and Ani jewelry review found that customers praise the brand. On Influenster, there are over 1219 reviews with an average rating of 4.5/5 stars. Customers have noted that their jewelry, especially their bangles, are fashionable, great to give as gifts, and are affordable. 

Alex and Ani jewelry is seriously taking the jewelry world by storm. I have so many of their bracelets, they stack well with each other as well as other bracelets. They are not too expensive, especially considering the high quality you receive,” one reviewer wrote on Influenster. 

There are also continued positive Alex and Ani reviews on some of their Amazon product pages. For instance, on the page for Love Rose Gold Charm Bangle Bracelet, there are over 1,485 global ratings with a rating of over 4.8/5 stars.

Most customers have commented that their jewelry was made out of high-quality material. Other buyers noted their appreciation for their collectible selections and that their pieces can be matched with other bangles and bracelets.

This Alex and Ani jewelry review found a few negative customer experiences online. There are some Alex and Ani customer service complaints found on websites like Trustpilot and Yelp.

On Trustpilot, the brand has a ranking of over 1.7/5 stars, but this is only based on 46 reviews. Customers report that they are slow in responding and unhelpful in remedying concerns

On Yelp, Alex and Ani receive a 2.5/5 rating out of 62 reviews. There were reports of tarnished bracelets and charms that fell off. There were also many issues regarding delayed delivery times. 

Is Alex and Ani Jewelry Worth It?

This Alex and Ani jewelry review recommend checking this brand out for its unique and affordable collection. One of the main advantages of this company is that they have thousands of designs to choose from and they are all generally inexpensive.

This makes Alex and Ani quite competitive compared to other jewelry brands that are usually pricier. Additionally, it’s nice to see a jewelry brand that isn’t focused on creating ostentatious designs, as most of their varieties showcase a more subdued and casual aesthetic. 

Alex and Ani ensures that their jewelry is designed with an eco-friendly approach, which is always a plus. They also donate a portion of their sales to helping charitable organizations.

In terms of negatives, there are notable issues reported on the customer service team. However, there are too many positive reviews that override this issue. For affordable, minimalist jewelry, we think Alex and Ani’s trendy designs are worth the buy.

Alex and Ani Jewelry Promotions & Discounts

This Alex and Ani jewelry review found that the brand has an Alex and Ani sale outlet where customers can buy their designs at a discounted price. They also have an Alex and Ani bracelet sale in which buyers can purchase two bracelets and get the third model for 50% off.

Customers can also purchase three bracelets to get the fourth model for free. For this option, you must input the Alex and Ani promo code LOVE at checkout. This promo code is for full-priced bracelets only.

Additionally, customers can get 15% off if they sign up for the newsletter. As of lately, this Alex and Ani jewelry review hasn’t come across any Alex and Ani coupons or an Alex and Ani coupon code yet. 

Where to Buy Alex and Ani Jewelry

Customers can access the entire jewelry collection at You can also find their pieces at partner retailers including:

  • Chaptersa
  • Bella Gia Boutique
  • Walmart 
  • Amazon
  • Alex and Ani eBay 
  • Alex and Ani Nordstrom 


Do Alex and Ani bracelets come in a box? 

Customers can select ‘add a free gift box to order’ during checkout. 

How do you wear Alex and Ani bracelets? 

Most Alex and Ani bangles are designed with an adjustable feature. Customers must simply push or pull the sliding feature on the bracelet to achieve an optimal fit. 

Can I add charms to my Alex and Ani bracelet? 

This Alex and Ani jewelry review hasn’t found any information on their company website regarding adding charms to their bracelets. However, there are tutorials online that you can find on YouTube. 

Is Alex and Ani jewelry real silver? 

Yes, Alex and Ani jewelry is made out of authentic .925 sterling silver. 

Can I wear Alex and Ani jewelry in the shower? 

According to their website, it is advised that customers remove their Alex and Ani jewelry before swimming and bathing. 

Does Alex and Ani ship internationally? 

This Alex and Ani jewelry review found that the brand offers international shipping. 

Is there a warranty on Alex and Ani jewelry?

Alex and Ani offers a one-year limited warranty from the date of purchase for any manufacturing and material defects for products purchased in-store and from online authorized retailers. 

How do I track my Alex and Ani jewelry order? 

This Alex and Ani jewelry review found that customers can check their order status through the email confirmation provided after purchase.

How long does Alex and Ani jewelry take to ship?

Alex and Ani offers free standard shipping on all US orders. This takes up to 10 business days. For priority shipping, shipping will take three business days. For expedited shipping, it can take up to two business days.

Alex and Ani provides the same shipping options to those in Canada, except for the province of Quebec. Customers can find more information regarding shipping fees by visiting the website. 

How do I return Alex and Ani jewelry?

Customers can return their purchases within 30 days of purchase or order delivery date if they are unsatisfied. The returned item must be unworn with the UPC tag attached or appropriate Alex and Ani packaging.

Orders purchased online cannot be returned through physical stores, however, they can be exchanged in Alex and Ani company-owned stores for other merchandise or in-store credit.

You can find out more on how to return Alex and Ani items by visiting the ‘return’ link on their website. 

How to Contact Alex and Ani

If you have inquiries that are unrelated to this Alex and Ani jewelry review, you can contact the company by phone at 800-725-7822. Customer service hours are Monday to Friday from 9:00 am to 9:00 pm EST and Saturday to Sunday from 9:00 am to 5:30 pm EST.

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