Athletic Greens Powder Review

About Athletic Greens Powder

Athletic Greens Powder Review

Athletic Greens is a daily supplement made from high-quality vitamins and minerals sourced from whole-foods. Their powerful formula supports recovery, immunity, energy, and digestion. The NSF certified supplement contains only the cleanest, quality ingredients

The brand’s list of supporters includes health expert and author of The 4 Hour Body, Tim Ferris, and comedian and sports aficionado, Joe Rogan. Athletic Greens has been featured in Forbes, PRNewswire, Medium, Entrepreneur, Women’s Running, and many other online media sources. They have a 216k following on their Facebook page and 68K on Instagram. 

This Athletic Greens powder review will thoroughly check out the brand, how the subscription process works, best-selling products, customer ratings, and more, to help you decide if they are the right choice for you. 

Overview of Athletic Greens Powder

Chris Ashenden started Athletic Greens in 2009 after struggling with gut issues for years. Although he followed a healthy and balanced diet, his body wasn’t getting the nutrition it needed from the food he ate. Chris set out to design a supplement that offered powerful results regardless of age or activity level

Athletic Greens operates like a well-oiled machine with a heart for humanity. Their supplement is produced in a TGA-registered, Good Manufacturing Practice Certified facility in New Zealand. Every individual pack of their supplement is 100% traceable which allows the company to get on top of any issues that arrive quickly and efficiently. 

The company makes it a priority to give back to communities in need. Chris Ashenden started Fundación Da Alegría, a charity that provides low-income children with nutrient-rich meals. They also support other charities like Urban Light and Mary’s Meals

Overview of Athletic Greens Powder

Athletic Greens is on a mission towards a more sustainable future. They are a carbon-neutral company and part of the How2Recycle program which educates customers on how to dispose of packaging. The company also aims to increase the use of recycled materials in its packaging.

Check out the rest of this Atheltic Greens powder review for a breakdown of the features and benefits of their products. Below, you’ll find a pros and cons list:


  • High-efficacy, bioavailable supplement for real results 
  • Helps to improve energy, digestion, recovery, and immunity
  • Made from whole-food sources
  • Paleo, keto, vegan friendly
  • Contains no common allergens like gluten, lactose, peanuts, or eggs
  • GMO & pesticide-free
  • Less than 1g of sugar per serving with no added sugar 
  • NSF certified to guarantee only the cleanest, high-quality ingredients
  • How2Recycle program helps customer dispose of packaging responsibly
  • Customers report experiencing real results and say it tastes better than other green products on the market


  • Some customers did not experience results, disliked taste or texture

Athletic Greens delivers superior nutrition, boosts energy, and provides vital immune-enhancing ingredients to change the way you live. A combination of adaptogens, antioxidants, and vitamins improves brain, gut, muscle, and cell health for vibrant health.

For a complete list of the nutrients, read the Athletic Greens nutrition label. Next in this Athletic Greens review, we’ll break down their bestsellers and what the action-packed ingredients actually do.

Athletic Greens The Pouch Review

Athletic Greens The Pouch Review

Made from 75 highly absorbable ingredients, The Pouch contains 30 servings of greens powder. This option is great to keep in your locker at the gym or in your kitchen cupboard to enjoy before breakfast. Athletic Greens work best when taken in the morning on an empty stomach to allow for optimal absorption. This Athletic Greens powder review notes that you should refrigerate after opening.

To use, take one scoop and mix with 5-10 ounces of cold water. This Athletic Greens powder review notes that you’ll want to add the water to your shaker first to allow for the best mix possible. Once combined, shake thoroughly.

If you’d rather drink your greens with juice or milk, those are options as well. Athletic Greens is flavored with papaya, broccoli, cherry, carrot, pineapple, and vanilla. Although it does still taste “green”, the flavor profile is slightly sweet with fruity undertones. 

Because each scoop contains 12 servings of fruits and vegetables, you’re technically topped up for the day but you should still follow your healthy eating plan to maximize results. Be sure to check out Athletic Greens recipes on ways to mix your supplement with frozen fruits for a delicious smoothie.

A pouch of Athletic Greens Ultimate Daily is $97 for a one-time purchase or subscribers can pay $77

Athletic Greens Travel Packs Review

Travel Packs feed your cells with the same vital Athletic Greens ingredients as The Pouch. The only difference is that they come in convenient, pre-measured, single-serving pouches. Keep a few packs in your bag for an easy energy boost on your way to work.

These are a perfect option for gym-goers as well who want a quick way to get nutrition in after a workout. Because the servings are individually packaged, mixing is clean and easy. 

Your Travel Packs do not need to be refrigerated, so you can take them with you anywhere. Simply add your packet to 5-10 ounces of water, juice, or milk, shake, and enjoy.

If you’re a subscribing customer and would like to see how the Travel Packs can help with your routine, head to the Athletic Greens Tim page to get five free Travel Packs with your subscription to The Pouch. 

As a subscriber, you can add 5, 20, or 30 Travel Packs to your monthly order for  flexibility. This option is great for those who are constantly on-the-go or for rushed mornings where you’re juggling kids, an appointment, traffic, and getting to the office on time.

The Athletic Greens Travel Packs are $107 for a one-time purchase or $87 when you subscribe. 

Athletic Greens Powder Subscription Review

Athletic Greens Powder Subscription Review

Athletic Greens was designed as a daily supplement and each of their pouches or boxes contains 30 servings. You can choose from The Pouch or Travel Packs options that both include a month’s supply. Their subscriptions are automatically set to arrive every 30 days but if you can customize your delivery date to every 15 days.

If you wish to take AthleticGreens every other day or only occasionally, you can set your subscription plan to 45 or 60 days. To change your frequency, simply log into your account and select which option fits your schedule best.

If you would like to pause, skip, or cancel your order, you can do so by contacting Athletic Greens customer service by phone, chat, or email. Your Athletic Greens subscription will auto-renew every month until canceled.

For those who do not want to subscribe, Athletic Greens products can be bought as a one-time purchase, however, when you do subscribe, you’re saving 20%. Who is Athletic Greens for? The supplement is free from common allergens such as gluten, dairy, and eggs, so it is suitable for most diets including gluten-free, keto, and vegan

The supplement contains body and brain-boosting elements such as:

  • Enzyme & Mushroom Complex
  • Superfood Complex
  • Vitamins & Minerals
  • Plant Extract, Herbs & Antioxidants 
  • Dairy-free Probiotics 

Athletic Greens offers one potent supplement that delivers a wide range of results. From energy to improved brain function to gut health, their powerhouse formula does it all.

Is Athletic Greens Powder Worth It?

This Athletic Greens powder review will first address the question: do Athletic Greens really work? The answer is a resounding yes. Aside from a small percentage of customers who reported not feeling a difference despite taking the greens for an entire month, there’s no way to know what each individual’s health or diet is like.

This Athletic Greens powder review can’t say whether these claims are part of a larger picture of each person’s health or if the products simply just don’t work for them. 

The main issue with Athletic Greens is the price. Each serving costs approximately $3 so when you break it down, that price is what you’d pay for a coffee. Essential nutrients or coffee? It’s up to you to decide what’s more important. The issue is that customers have to buy the product outright, whereas spending $3 a day makes less of an impact. 

When it comes down to it, Athletic Greens provide vital nutrients our bodies need to stay healthy. The brand is wholesome with a focus on sustainability and helping those in need. And of course, their products are made with whole-food, clean ingredients.

This Athletic Greens powder review believes their products are worth the buy. If you are unsatisfied with their supplement, the brand offers a 60-day money-back guarantee.

Athletic Greens Powder Promotions & Discounts

When you refer a friend and they use the referral link, you will receive a $15 Athletic Greens discount code valid for your next order. Be sure to check out the partnership promotions with Joe Rogan and Tim Ferriss that offer one-year worth of Vitamin D and five free travel packs with your subscription.

Where to Buy Athletic Greens Powder

For the best deals and to be covered under the 60-day money-back guarantee, we recommend ordering directly from The supplements are also available through Amazon, NineLife, DesertCart, and Bonanza – Banyer.


What is Athletic Greens? 

Athletic Greens is a potent, high-quality nutritional supplement made from whole-foods. Their ingredients are highly-effective and bioavailable, meaning your body absorbs the nutrients faster and more efficiently compared to other supplements. 

What does Athletic Greens help you with? 

Their supplement has a range of health benefits including improving digestion, energy, and mental focus. They can also help with healthy aging and hormone support. For an athlete’s take on how their supplement can help, check out the Athletic Greens MTA article. 

Are Athletic Greens safe? 

Athletic Greens are safe if you take the recommended dosage. However, if you do experience Athletic Greens side effects like an upset stomach, lower your dosage as this may be a part of the detox process. To read more about the importance of green supplements and associated side effects, read the Athletic Greens Mayo Clinic article on daily greens. 

Athletic Greens are non-GMO, pesticide, and herbicide-free. They also do not contain common allergens like gluten, dairy, or eggs. However, their health claims have not been evaluated by the FDA. 

Does Athletic Greens replace multivitamins?

Athletic Greens contain a greater amount of vitamins than you would find in your multivitamin. You do not need to take a multivitamin along with your supplement. 

When should you take Athletic Greens?

It’s best to take Athletic Greens first thing in the morning on an empty stomach. They work best when taken with water but can be combined with juice, milk, or can be made into a smoothie or shake. 

Can you take Athletic Greens twice a day? 

The recommended dosage is once per day. However, you can take them 1-2 times per day depending on your body weight. 

What happens if you don’t refrigerate Athletic Greens? 

Refrigerating your Athletic Greens helps to maintain the integrity and efficacy of the ingredients. When left unrefrigerated, they may lose the same powerful and helpful effects. 

How do I cancel my Athletic Greens subscription?

To cancel your Athletic Greens subscription, you must contact customer service by email, phone, or Live Chat on

How long does Athletic Greens take to ship?

Athletic Greens currently ships to the US, Canada, Australia, and Europe, for a flat rate of $9. Athletic Greens international shipping costs to Europe vary by location. Shipping times for all locations are as follows:


  • Standard 3-5 business days
  • Expedited 2 business days

Canada & Australia

  • Standard 7-14 business days


  • Standard 3-5 business days

What is Athletic Greens Powder’s Return Policy?

If you are unsatisfied with your first purchase, you can contact Athletic Greens within 60 days of your order to receive a full refund. If you would like a try before you buy, contact customer service for an Athletic Greens sample.

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