Faye Valentine Statue by First 4 Figures

Fans of the anime could easily recall these two objects when thinking of the Bebop crew lazing around their lounge area. Faye’s pose was, then, incorporated into the overall design of the statue. And since the primary weapon of choice of the adults of the crew is guns, Faye Valentine’s Standard Edition is also seen holding a gun in one hand, similar to the previous two statues before her (Spike Spiegel and Jet Black), and her signature sunglasses in the other.

Vicious Collectible Figure by Bandai

Vicious, the rival of Spike Spiegel, powerful member of the Red Dragon Syndicate, and veteran of the Titan War, finally joins S.H.Figuarts series as the Vicious Collectible Figure! Vicious comes with a katana, his signature weapon of choice, as well as a separate throwing knife for recreating battle scenes.

Cowboy Bebop Ein Corgi Mini Backpack

Sideshow and Bioworld present the Ein Corgi Mini Backpack. This mini backpack features beloved Ein from the Cowboy Bebop anime with a removable insert to display collectible pins.

Add this Cowboy Bebop Ein Corgi Mini Backpack to your wardrobe today!

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