Caiman (Anime Version) Sixth Scale Figure by Threezero

The anime figure equipment accessories include two knives with fabric sheathes, and rib-shaped body armor. The fabric costume includes a hooded windbreaker, a pair of pants, a belt for the waist, and a belt for the thigh. Other accessories include a pair of boots and three pairs of interchangeable hands, one pair of relaxed hands, one pair of fists, and one pair for the gripping knife. 

Ebisu Sixth Scale Figure by Threezero

The fabric costume includes a sweatshirt, a pair of pants, a backpack, and the attached chevron pieces are made of ABS. Other accessories include one pair of boots, one pair of sickles, and two pairs of interchangeable gloved hands. One pair of relaxed hands and one pair of hands for holding sickles.

Gyoza Fairy Nendoroid Collectible Figure by Max Factory

From the anime series, Dorohedoro comes a Nendoroid of the Gyoza Fairy who lives in the Hungry Bug restaurant. Optional parts include a toothpick, vital for raining down divine punishment, along with a bowl of soy sauce and a chili oil spoon. Additionally, an interchangeable body part for displaying filling coming out of its body is included along with its cape-like shiso leaf.

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