Hogue Extreme Series Knife G-10 Frame 4-Inch Tanto Blade Tumble Finish

  1. Since 1968, fit, function, superior performance and world-class design have been hallmarks of the Hogue name
  2. When you purchase a Hogue product you’re carrying a piece of Hogue family history
  3. Designed from the ground up to enhance and improve your sporting experience
  4. Our brightest ideas, the finest materials and the industry’s best practices are united under the Hogue name and the supervision of the best people we can find to carry our legacy
  5. Our products reflect our passion, our proud history, and our commitment to bringing you a full range of products designed and manufactured to enhance your sporting experience for years to come

Hogue Extreme Series Knife Aluminum Frame 4-Inch Drop Point Blade Tumble Finish

  1. 4″ tumbled finish drop point blade
  2. Matte black aluminum frame
  3. Push button lock with manual safety
  4. Country Of Origin: China

Hogue Extreme Series Knife G-10 Frame 3.5-Inch Drop Point Blade Tumble Finish

  1. Category name: knives
  2. Made in USA or imported
  3. Hunting Knives Folding Blade
  4. High flat grind with hand honed edge
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