Elven Realms 3 Leaf Necklace: Lothlorien™ Jewelry by Badali Jewelry

The Elven Realms Necklace is set with three Elven stones between three leaves from the forests of Lothlorien. The stones honor the Elven stronghold of Middle- earth: Lothlorien (white cubic zirconia). 

Legolas at Helm's Deep Sixth Scale Figure by Asmus Collectible Toys

The Legolas at Helm’s Deep Sixth Scale Figure features authentic and detailed fully realistic likeness of Legolas from The Lord of the Rings: The Two Towers. This figure stands approximately 30cm tall and features Legolas ready for battle.

Arwen in Death Frock Sixth Scale Figure by Asmus Collectible Toys

The Arwen in Death Frock Sixth Scale Figure features an authentic and detailed fully realistic likeness of Arwen from The Return of the King. It stands at approximately 25cm tall and features over 34 points of articulation. 

Aragorn 2.0 King (Deluxe Version) Collectible Figure by Star Ace Toys Ltd.

This 1:8th Scale Aragorn 2.0 features a fully articulated body (approximately 22.5cm tall) and an authentic portrait of Viggo Mortensen with accurate facial expression and detailed skin texture. Each head sculpt is specially hand-painted and has rooted hair. It features an accurate costume from the film, including a cloak and armor, and a sword.

Cave Troll Deluxe 1:10 Scale Statue by Iron Studios

Deep in the caves of Moria, in a marble mausoleum where the Tomb of Balin is located, the dwarf warrior who is Gimli’s cousin, brave warriors prepare for combat, to the sound of Orcs drums and the warning of the Captain of Gondor Boromir for closing the chamber doors … “A Cave Troll”. Thus, in the midst of an attack by a horde of Orcs, the monstrous ape-like / reptilian-looking monstrous humanoid of Tolkien’s works was presented in the vision of director Peter Jackson in The Lord of the Rings: The Fellowship of the Ring, and now armed with his war hammer, collar and bondage chain to the Orcs of Sauron, he will invade the collection of fans and collectors with his impressive statue the Cave Troll Deluxe BDS 1:10 Art Scale Statue – Lord of the Rings from Iron Studios.

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