ORORO Men’s Soft Shell Heated Jacket with Detachable Hood and Battery Pack
  1. 100% Polyester
  2. Machine Wash
  3. NEAT AND TAILORED DESIGN WITH DURABLE FABRIC: Softshell fabric exterior with breathable linning ensures you don’t lose any excess heat and enjoy comfortable warmth; Detachable hood is specially designed for chilly mornings and extra protection on windy days; Water and wind resistance for your unrestricted movement towards outdoor
  4. HEAT ACROSS BODY: 3 carbon fiber heating elements generate heat across core body areas (left & right chest, mid-back); Adjust 3 heating settings (High, medium, low) with just a simple press of the button
  5. QUICK AND LONG-LASTING WARMTH: Heat quickly in seconds with 7.4V UL/CE-certified battery; Up to 10 working hours; USB port for charging smartphones and other mobile devices
  6. FOR ALL WALKS OF LIFE AND ADVENTURES: Ideal and warm choice for you, family members, friends, employees, to enjoy outdoor activities
  7. Easy care: Machine washable; The heating elements and jacket construction are designed to endure 50+ machine wash cycles
ORORO Men’s Lightweight Heated Vest with Battery Pack
  • 100% Nylon
  • Machine Wash
  • NEAT AND TAILORED DESIGN: Lightweight insulated for you to wear in many ways with unrestricted movement; Water and wind resistant.
  • KEEP YOUR BODY AND HANDS WARM: 4 carbon fiber heating elements generating heat across collar, mid-back, as well as underneath two pockets for core-body warmth. 3 available heating settings can be adjusted with just a simple press of the button.
  • QUICK AND LONG-LASTING WARMTH: Fast heating in seconds with 7.4V UL/CE-certified battery; Up to 10 working hours on a single charge; USB port for charging smartphones.
  • FOR ALL OCCASIONS: Perfect for the daily commute, walking your dog in the brisk fall air, tailgating for your favorite football team, wearing underneath your winter jacket or even in a way-too-cold office!
  • EASY CARE: Machine washable; The heating elements and vest construction are designed to endure 50+ machine wash cycles.
ORORO Men’s Lightweight Padded Heated Jacket with Thermolite Insulation and Detachable Hood (Battery Included)
  1. Model is 6’2″ and wearing a size Medium
  2. LIGHTWEIGHT YET DURABLE COMFORT: Next-level warmth and comfort brought to you by Thermolite, a funtional insulation offering excellent durability and lightweight warmth. Detachable hood and inner stretch cuffs help block the wind while water-resistant exterior keeps the rain out.
  3. MINIMAL DESIGN, FULL CONTROL: A cleaner, more low-profile look with the power button hidden inside the jacket. High, Medium and Low heating settings allow you to change the level of warmth with the push of a button.
  4. LONG-LASTING ALL-OVER WARMTH: Three (3) improved carbon fiber heated elements across the left and right sides of the body’s core, in addition to the back heating areas. Up to 10 hours of heating on a single charge. This upgrade allows for more warm in the front core heating areas that will also keep your hands warm while in your pockets.
  5. ALL OCCASIONS: Wear to an outdoor concert, hiking along a trail, shoveling the snow or even if you just feel like sitting outside on your porch. This jacket allows you to enjoy comfortable heat while being out and about.
  6. EASY CARE: Durable fabric and carbon fiber heating elements are completely safe for hand and machine washing. The heating elements and jacket construction are designed to endure 50+ machine wash cycles. The entire jacket is covered by a ONE-YEAR Warranty. Buy with confidence.
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