Best Men’s Fleece Robes in 2021 Reviews & Buying Guide

For relaxation and warmth in the wintertime, it’s hard to beat a fleece robe. While bathrobes can be made from a variety of materials, such as cotton, linen, or cashmere, robe connoisseurs often view fleece as the most comfortable, the softest, and the warmest material for a robe.

When shopping for men’s fleece robes, you will need to take a number of factors into account to find your ideal buy. Key considerations such as size and weight will determine how comfortable a fleece robe is, while features such as hoods and pockets will both keep you warmer and help extend your robe time from a simple post-shower affair to an all-day lounging event.

Our buying guide has everything you need to know when shopping for men’s fleece robes, including how much you should expect to pay. And don’t forget to check out our top picks for the best men’s fleece robes on the market.

1 Alexander Del Rossa Men’s Fleece Solid Colored Robe

Alexander Del Rossa Men’s Fleece Solid Colored Robe

This is a soft and luxurious fleece robe that will keep any man warm all winter long with plush fabric and a cuddly hood. Perfect selection for men of all sizes, even those big and tall. Has a hood for extra comfort and warmth. Long length provides complete warmth and comfort. Robe doesn’t feel overly heavy while on. Available in a range of colors.
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2 NY Threads Luxurious Men’s Shawl Collar Fleece Bathrobe with Hood

NY Threads Luxurious Men’s Shawl Collar Fleece Bathrobe with Hood

At its low price point, this robe is a bargain, especially given its soft and luxurious material and high quality construction. Belted fleece robe that comes in 2 color options and has a hood for added warmth. Runs true to size and length falls below knees on most men. Material is of high quality and is very soft. Absorbs water well.
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3 John Christian Men’s Fleece Robe

John Christian Men’s Fleece Robe

This robe is stylish, soft, cozy, and comes at a reasonable price point, making it an impressive buy for any man. Comes in a classic tartan pattern. Washes well and doesn’t shed. Convenient pockets. Warm and soft on a cold winter’s day. Sizing is generous for added comfort. Has inside loop for hanging.
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4 Ross Michaels Men’s Long Robe

Ross Michaels Men’s Long Robe

This long and cozy belted fleece robe makes it easy for men of virtually any size to stay warm on a chilly day. Available for “big and tall” sized men, making this a size inclusive purchase. There are many pleasing colors when purchasing this soft and cozy robe. Lightweight design makes it easy to wear, while simultaneously keeping you warm.
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Fleece robes for men usually come in a range of sizes. Your success in ordering the correct size starts with measuring yourself. Take measurements of your chest and waist as these are two of the commonest measurements you will find on robe sizing charts. You can also measure from your neck down to where you want the robe to hit on your calf as this measurement is also used on some sizing charts. Some charts include the wearer’s weight as well. You should also take a look at the online comments to verify whether the sizing on a particular robe is true. If the majority of the comments indicate the robe runs small or large, size up or down accordingly.


The length of a robe refers to how far down your leg it goes. Some robes come in a variety of lengths, while others come in one length. Do you prefer an ankle-length robe, a knee-length robe, or something in between? Longer robes are warmer as they cover more of the body.


How heavy do you want the robe to be? While a heavier robe is usually warmer, some may find a heavy robe too cumbersome and thick. On the other hand, a lighter robe may be more comfortable but may not keep you as warm, particularly in harsher winter climates. Think about your own personal preferences and your local climate when deciding on the weight of a fleece robe.


One big plus when shopping for a robe is that few outside of your immediate family will ever see you wearing it. As such, your choice of color or pattern when buying a robe is completely up to your own whims. Though many will opt for neutrals like black and white, if you wish to take advantage of this fashion opportunity to the fullest, there are men’s fleece robes on the market in every color and pattern you can imagine.



Some men’s fleece robes have hoods, while others don’t. Hoods can provide extra warmth and comfort in a robe, and they can be especially welcome in colder climates. Hoods should be comfortable and loose enough that they won’t irritate your ears or affect the fit of your robe by pulling it up when the hood is on.


Robe length is not the only length you need to concern yourself with. Sleeve lengths can also vary on robes. The majority of sleeve lengths will be on the longer side, but you don’t want sleeves so long that you have trouble finding your hands in them. Some sleeves can be rolled up to free your hands for use, although this will be more easily achieved with a thinner fleece than a thicker one.


The majority of men’s fleece robes have two pockets in the front for carrying phones, glasses, and other accessories that you can’t do without, even in a robe. Pockets are particularly important if you plan to use the robe as more than just a simple post-shower garment.


While you may run across the occasional fleece robe with a zipper, these robes are usually secured by a simple belt threaded through belt loops. Some men’s fleece robes even have two belts – one on the inside of the robe and one on the outside – to ensure that the robe stays closed. Belts can either be removable or attached to the robe, so they won’t be misplaced.


Men’s fleece robes start out at under $30 and go up to $60 or more. The average price for men’s fleece robes is in the $30 to $45 range.

Men’s fleece robes under $30 tend to be simple in design, shorter in length, and made from a thinner fleece. Some of these inexpensive robes have hoods, but the majority do not.

Mid-range men’s fleece robes cost $30 to $45 and are constructed from thicker fleece. Men’s fleece robes over $45 tend to be the warmest and offer the best overall fit for comfort. Extras such as hoods and double belts are common on premium men’s fleece robes.


  • Searching for the perfect cold-weather robe? Go with a fleece robe, and avoid those made from linen. Derived from the flax plant, linen is a lightweight and airy material that, while perfect for warm-weather robes, will leave you wanting the comfort of fleece if worn in the winter months.
  • You should measure yourself – including your chest and waist – before buying a robe to assure the best fit. This is usually done with a fabric measuring tape, but if you don’t have one a length of rope or string will suffice. Simply wrap it around your waist or chest, note the point where it reaches the end, and then use a ruler or tape measure to find the measurement.
  • Before setting out to buy a robe, decide what you will primarily use it for. Features such as pockets, hoods, and longer sleeves will be more or less desirable depending on how you plan to wear the robe – for example, just after showers or as all-weekend attire.
  • In addition to dryer balls, one way to limit static electricity in a fleece robe is to add a damp cloth to the dryer during the last 15 to 20 minutes of drying time.
  • Have stains on your fleece bathrobe? To avoid damaging the fleece fibers, try pre-treating the robe with liquid dishwashing soap. Allow the soap to set for 10 minutes, then blot the stain with a paper towel and wash the robe as you normally would.
  • If you’ve narrowed your robe selection down to a few options but you still have doubts, go with a brand name. Well-known brands tend to be more trusted due to their superior customer service and better quality. Bigger brands will also typically offer a stronger guarantee or warranty with their fleece robes.


Q. What is the difference between cotton and fleece robes?

A. Cotton and fleece are two of the more common materials in bathrobe construction. While both can be warm and comfortable, they originate from different materials: cotton from natural cotton plants and fleece from polyester, which is a synthetic fabric. One of the biggest differences between the two materials is how effectively they absorb water. Cotton is extremely absorbent, while fleece tends to be much less so. If you use a bathrobe primarily after getting out of the shower or bath, a cotton robe may be a better choice for you than a fleece one.

Q. Can I order a customized men’s fleece robe?

A. While you will find some fleece robes that offer personalization in the form of monograms or other customization, this is pretty rare. Your best bet here is to contact a local tailor, who will be able to customize the robe to your liking. Or you can try it yourself if you have some sewing skills. Fleece as a fabric can be easily embroidered.

Q. What is the best way to wash a fleece robe?

A. Like any other article of clothing, a fleece robe should be cleaned periodically to keep it looking and feeling like new. You will need to take particular care when cleaning your robe, however, as fleece fibers can easily break down, ruining much of the thickness and softness that you originally bought the robe for.

As fleece can vary considerably, you should always go with the manufacturer’s care recommendations when cleaning your fleece robe. In general, a fleece robe can be easily cleaned if you follow a few simple rules:

  • Turn the robe inside out before washing it to prevent pilling (the buildup of little balls of lint on the fabric).
  • Wash your robe only with similar colors.
  • Only wash your robe in cold water on a gentle cycle.
  • Use a liquid detergent, preferably one designed specifically for fleece.
  • Avoid fabric softeners, which can damage fleece fibers.
  • Hang the robe to dry or dry it in the dryer on a low temperature.

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