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“I absolutely love RedShelf! The online annotation features are very useful and I use the flashcard option to study for almost all of my exams.” Student “Love that I can access my textbooks on the go AND that they are affordable! Keep up the good work RedShelf!” Allison G., Student “Best price, awesome service.


Why Crime? Second Edition

Why Crime? reviews the very latest empirical evidence with regard to the risk factors that produce antisocial and criminal behavior. The authors meaningfully integrate risk factors identified by more than a dozen academic disciplines that increase the odds of antisocial behavior and criminality. The result is a new interdisciplinary theory that helps break down traditional barriers and overcomes the disciplinary myopia that plagues criminological theory. Unlike the typical criminological theory text, Why Crime? actually advances the state of criminological theory as well as the field of criminology.

  • Read Anywhere
  • Digital Notes and Study Tools
  • Offline Access ( 10% )
  • Printing ( 2% )

The Real Cost of Prisons Comix

  • One out of every hundred adults in the U.S. is in prison. This book provides a crash course in what drives mass incarceration, the human and community costs, and how to stop the numbers from going even higher. This volume collects the three comic books published by the Real Cost of Prisons Project.
  • The stories and statistical information in each comic book is thoroughly researched and documented.Prison Town: Paying the Price tells the story of how the financing and site locations of prisons affects the people of rural communities in which prison are built. It also tells the story of how mass incarceration affects people of urban communities from where the majority of incarcerated people come from.Prisoners of the War on Drugs includes the history of the war on drugs, mandatory minimums, how racism creates harsher sentences for people of color, stories on how the war on drugs works against women, three strikes laws, obstacles to coming home after incarceration, and how mass incarceration destabilizes neighborhoods.
  • The book includes a chapter with descriptions about how the comix have been put to use in the work of organizers and activists in prison and in the “free world” by ESL teachers, high school teachers, college professors, students, and health care providers throughout the country. The demand for them is constant and the ways in which they are being used is inspiring.

Speech Craft

  • With its distinctive personality and contemporary edge, Joshua Gunn’s new introduction to public speaking, Speech Craft, engages students in the speech making process like no other textbook available. No matter if students are giving a toast or are speaking to inform or to persuade, Speech Craft’s emphasis on the idea of speechmaking as community-building will-help students connect public speaking to their own lives and find ways to make meaningful and ethical connections with their audiences. Speech Craft gets to the root of public speaking with purpose by opening students eyes to the power of speech in our world and speaking for change.
  • Its unique chapter, Speaking for Social Change, strikes a realistic yet hopeful note aboutspeech as the ultimate advocacy and civic engagement tool. A new book for a new generation, Speech Craft is supported by a robust and powerful digital package that will make teaching and of-the-moment feedback a life changing process for instructors and students. Speech Craft brings a passion for public speaking into the classroom at an affordable price.

When Man Becomes Prey

When Man Becomes Prey examines the details of fatal predator attacks on humans, providing an opportunity to learn about the factors and behaviors that led to attacks. The predators profiled in the book include black bears, grizzly bears, mountain lions, coyotes, and gray wolves—the first time all five species have been included in one volume­. Compelling narratives of conflicts involving these top predators are accompanied by how-to information for avoiding such clashes.

  • Digital Notes and Study Tools
  • Text-to-Speech Compatible
  • Offline Access ( 10% )
  • Printing ( 5% )
  • Copy/Paste 10%

Mathematical Snippets

From nutritional labels and box office statistics to terabytes and megapixels, the 21st century world is awash in numbers. How can the average Joe or Jane make sense of all that data? The key, Theoni Pappas argues, is math. In Mathematical Snippets, she draws readers into the fascinating world of math without overwhelming them with mind-numbing equations. Short, engaging sections on everything from golf to game theory introduce mathematical concepts and celebrate math’s impact on daily life.

  • Read Anywhere
  • Digital Notes and Study Tools
  • Text-to-Speech Compatible
  • Offline Access ( 20% )
  • Printing ( 20% )
  • Copy/Paste 20%

Complex Variables

  • A caution to mathematics professors: Complex Variables does not follow conventional outlines of course material. One reviewer noting its originality wrote: “A standard text is often preferred [to a superior text like this] because the professor knows the order of topics and the problems, and doesn’t really have to pay attention to the text. He can go to class without preparation.” Not so here — Dr. Flanigan treats this most important field of contemporary mathematics in a most unusual way. While all the material for an advanced undergraduate or first-year graduate course is covered, discussion of complex algebra is delayed for 100 pages, until harmonic functions have been analyzed from a real variable viewpoint. Students who have forgotten or never dealt with this material will find it useful for the subsequent functions. In addition, analytic functions are defined in a way which simplifies the subsequent theory.
  • Contents include: Calculus in the Plane, Harmonic Functions in the Plane, Complex Numbers and Complex Functions, Integrals of Analytic Functions, Analytic Functions and Power Series, Singular Points and Laurent Series, The Residue Theorem and the Argument Principle, and Analytic Functions as Conformal Mappings. Those familiar with mathematics texts will note the fine illustrations throughout and large number of problems offered at the chapter ends. An answer section is provided. Students weary of plodding mathematical prose will find Professor Flanigan’s style as refreshing and stimulating as his approach.

Laser Light Scattering

  • Geared toward upper-level undergraduate and graduate students, this text introduces the interdisciplinary area of laser light scattering. It focuses chiefly on quasielastic laser scattering, discussing theoretical concepts at a realistic level.Some background in the physical sciences is assumed, but the opening chapters offer a brief review of classical electricity and magnetism as well as the general scattering theory.
  • Topics include basic theoretical concepts related to light mixing spectroscopy, characteristics of the Fabry-Perot interferometer, and photon-counting fluctuations. The author, a distinguished professor in the Department of Chemistry at Stony Brook University, discusses experimental methods, including setting up a light scattering spectrometer using digital photon-counting and correlation techniques. Subsequent chapters explore applications to macromolecular systems, anemometry and its utility in reaction kinetics, and critical opalescence. References appear throughout the text.

Beginning RPG Maker VX Ace

  • Beginning RPG Maker VX Ace takes you through the process of using the RPG Maker VX Ace game development engine to create your very own role playing game. The book has been designed with the complete beginner in mind who has little to no experience with the engine. Tutorials and exercises will take you from installing the software to putting the final touches upon your first project.
  • Game design can be quite a daunting challenge, as it generally involves a large amount of programming know-how on top of having to plan everything out that makes a good game what it is. RPG Maker VX Ace is an intuitive system that allows you to make your own game with a fraction of the effort otherwise required. Beginning RPG Maker VX Ace equips you with the knowledge you need to use Enterbrain’s newest role playing game development engine.
  • Takes you from the start of a project to the completion of a small game. Provides a step-by-step process that will walk you through each stage of the creation process.Gives many helpful tips and tricks you can apply to your future endeavors with the engine.

Consumer Behaviour

Drawing on Canadian and international examples, this text examines what influences consumers and how seminal theories and cutting-edge research apply to marketing practice today. Featuring engaging case studies, an accessible writing style, and real-life examples, Consumer Behaviour is an ideal introduction to the field.

  • Read Anywhere
  • Digital Notes and Study Tools
  • Text-to-Speech
  • Compatible
  • Offline Access ( 10% )
  • Printing ( 10% )

RedShelf Reviews & Buying Guide

Is RedShelf a Legitimate, Reliable & Safe Site to Buy From Today?

Overall, Redshelf provides an exceptional service to students and readers alike. With seamless capabilities between devices, you can truly read your content anywhere, anytime. The option to print some of your material is a great tool to take advantage of. The ability to highlight, draw, and write notes on the pages, is what I feel really sets Redshelf apart from other eTextbook platforms. With 340 College Bookstores already realizing the potential of this great service, you can be sure the Redshelf legit and safe to use. Redshelf is here to stay and quite possibly, the future of textbooks.

Pros: RedShelf Review

RedShelf is the creator of a browser based eTextbook platform that is available on any device.

Because of the way it’s designed, you can seamlessly move from a mobile phone, to tablet, to a PC or Mac.

While it is a great tool targeted mostly towards college students as a cheaper alternative form of textbooks, it can also be a great place for authors and publishers to place their content.

RedShelf does have an available offline mode so that you access your textbooks virtually anywhere and anytime.

RedShelf sets itself apart from competitors through the interactive capabilities built into their system, as well as the ease of use and support that they provide.

They do have an ability to print content, although some publishers may limit this.

They have a super helpful keyword and phrase search, which can help you pinpoint exactly what you are looking for.

  • Browser-Based E-book Software
  • 14 Day Money Back Guarantee
  • Ability to Print Pages (Subject to Publisher Terms)
  • Draw in Book, Highlight Pages, Write Notes
  • Keyword and Phrase Search Capabilities
  • 340 College Bookstores That Offer Redshelf and Counting

Cons: RedShelf Review

The only real drawback I found was part of the refund policy.  

If you have read more than 10% of the content, then you not qualify for a refund.  

This means if you read more than 10% in the first 14 days, you will not get your money back.  

While this seems like a big deal, most people will not run into this problem.  

This is also to prevent people from just reading an entire book, and then returning it before the 14 days are over.  

Read FAQ is a good source of information regarding this and many other questions you may have with    

  • Refunds Can’t be Fulfilled if More Than 10% of Product Has Been Used

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