Best Women’s Pajamas in 2021 Reviews & Buying Guide

Lounging, napping, or relaxing is best done in pajamas. That’s why you should invest in a pair — or several.

Pajamas are designed with one thing in mind: comfort. Roomy and luxurious, pajamas are exactly what you need to wind down after a long day. They’re made from the softest materials, such as flannel, silk, or even organic cotton. Pajamas also come in a variety of styles, including boxer or reversible sets. There are even seasonal pajamas, so you can coordinate comfort with your favorite time of the year.

Are you ready to relax in style? Our buying guide is here to help you make an informed purchase so you can lounge instead of drive around town in search of the perfect pajamas for you. If you’re ready to buy, take a look at some of our favorites we’ve highlighted on this page.

1 Ekouaer Women’s Comfort Long Sleeve Pajama

Ekouaer Women’s Comfort Long Sleeve Pajama

A comfortable, breathable and stylish pajama. While it requires hand washing, the pros outweigh this minor con. Not only is this pajama set designed with a smooth, lightweight fabric, customers also praise its cute, stylish look. It is ideal for sleepwear because the fabric is even gentle enough for sensitive skin and has a comfortable, slightly loose fit.
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2 Latuza Women’s V-neck Sleepwear Short Sleeve Pajama Set

Latuza Women’s V-neck Sleepwear Short Sleeve Pajama Set

At about half the cost of some other styles and done in a soft, high quality bamboo fabric blend, these stand out for being a good value for the price. These pajamas get high praise from consumers for the feel and quality of the fabric. Comfortable, very soft, and cool, it is an easy care set that can be machine washed and holds up well even through multiple washings.
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3 PajamaMania Women’s Flannel Long Sleeve Pajama Set

PajamaMania Women’s Flannel Long Sleeve Pajama Set

A solid option for cold-weather pajamas that offers warmth and coziness, but tends to have some issues with shrinkage. Customers love that these are made of a soft, cozy flannel that is lightweight yet warm. Many felt they were good quality for the cost, and that they are well made and sturdy.
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4 Lonxu Women’s Satin Pajama Set

Lonxu Women’s Satin Pajama Set

A luxurious-feeling satin pajama that is high quality, but that tends to run small. Done in a soft and silky satin, this pajama is praised for feeling more high-end than it appears for the cost. It also stands out for fitting most women well and pays special attention to details like the covered buttons.
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Pajamas consist of two pieces: top and bottom. In some deluxe sets, you’ll also find matching robes, tees, tanks, or slippers. There are also some pajama sets that come with more than one type of bottom, such as boxers and long pants, making them wearable year-round.

Tops: Pajama tops come as regular or button-down shirts, as well as tees or tanks. There’s also quite  a bit of diversity when it comes to necklines, though crewneck, V-neck, and U-neck styles are the most popular. As expected, you have a range of sleeve lengths, from sleeveless to long-sleeve styles with thumbholes.

Bottoms: When it comes to pajama bottoms, you’ll find boxers, shorts, cropped pants, and full-length pants. Longer styles tend to be the most popular, though if you’re on the petite side, you might need to hem them.

Waistbands also vary considerably, and this seems to be a make-or-break factor in a pajama purchase. Traditional pajamas have either a drawstring or exposed elastic waist, some of which are uncomfortable or fit poorly. There are also hybrid drawstring-elastic waists, often seen in pajamas of higher quality. In terms of comfort and fit, many consumers prefer wide, enclosed elastic waistbands.


Pajamas are cozy, soft, and comfortable — and everyone has a preference when it comes to materials. It’s something to keep in mind if you’re giving pajamas as a gift. As for buying pajamas for yourself, try more than one material to see which one you prefer. It’s not unusual for cotton loyalists to jump ship and enjoy silk pajamas, and vice versa.

Cotton: Cotton pajamas encompass quite a diverse range, including jersey, flannel, organic, and even cotton blends. Cotton becomes softer the more often it’s worn and washed. This breathable choice is also considered a relatively allergy-friendly material for pajamas. The only downside to cotton is that it can become threadbare and thin after a few dozen washes. Depending on the weave, it can also shrink or lose its original shape.

Silk: Silk is as luxurious as you can get when it comes to pajamas. Thin and cool, silk is ideal to wear in warm weather or for romantic evenings. Silk is also a popular choice to prevent hair and skin from drying out, because it doesn’t absorb moisture the way cotton does. As expected, silk pajamas tend to be the most expensive ones around. They also require delicate care and handling when it comes to washing. If you don’t like the look of wrinkles, even in pajamas, you may find yourself ironing them as well.

Satin: Satin pajamas are almost as luxurious and soft as silk pajamas, though they tend to be a bit more affordable. They’re soft and usually have a fresh, glossy sheen, which makes everyone feel regal when wearing them. They’re less susceptible to wrinkling as well. Satin pajamas are known for their smooth texture, so you may find yourself sliding on furniture. It’s also somewhat challenging to remove stains from satin, so you’ll have to sip your tea and coffee carefully while wearing these pajamas, and yes, mind your breakfast in bed, too.

Polyester: Polyester, like cotton, is an affordable and soft option for pajamas. Most pajamas are made of polyester blended with stretch materials or cotton. Polyester has superior material integrity, so it won’t shrink or wrinkle like other materials. Unfortunately, polyester isn’t as breathable as cotton. That means it might not be the best choice for sleeping in warm weather or if you suffer from night sweats.

Stretch fabrics: Many pajama sets are made with a blend of materials that include stretch fabrics like rayon, nylon, or spandex. These materials generally add give and bounce to garments. They’re also effective at minimizing shrinking from washing.


Women’s pajamas are priced between $15 and $120. While it depends on the quality of the materials and details, the brand name also impacts the price.

Inexpensive: For $15 to $40, you can find pajamas made from polyester, fleece, and cotton. While they’re simple, they’re still quite comfortable and hold up to considerable wear.

Mid-range: When you spend between $40 and $80, you can find a mix of pajamas from popular sleepwear manufacturers as well as top brand names. These use better materials and usually have fine details like satin piping, lace, or embroidery.

Expensive: Pajamas priced between $80 and $120 are typically made by top brands, and you’re paying for the name more than anything else. There are, however, specialty sets with three to six pieces in this range, which are well worth the price.


  • Wash pajamas separately or with like items. Some pajamas require hand-washing or special care to prevent damage. Others are machine washable, and they should be included in loads with similar garments. At the very least, try not to wash them with any clothing that has hook-and-eye closures or zippers.
  • Remember that sizing is subjective. Pajamas range in size from XS to 4XL and larger, and each manufacturer tends to have its own size range. Just because you’re a medium, it doesn’t mean you wear the same in pajamas. Refer to the measurements chart to find the best fit.
  • Give pajamas as bridesmaids’ gifts. Pajamas are fun gifts that will be worn and appreciated often. You can pick a theme for the pajama set or choose pajamas to suit each bridesmaid’s style.
  • Wear a tank top as a base layer. If it’s a bit too cold to wear pajamas on their own, wear them with a comfortable tank top. If you get too toasty, simply remove the pajama top.
  • Wear pajamas to the hospital. If you’re undergoing an early morning procedure, wear pajamas to the hospital. Since they’re soft and loose fitting, they will be easy to get off and on. There’s also plenty of room to accommodate a cast or bandages.
  • Wear pajamas all day. If you’re home doing your own thing, live your best life and wear pajamas all day if you want. After all, it’s pajama o’clock somewhere, so rock your jammies in solidarity.


Don’t see your next pajamas set in our matrix? We have a couple more choices for you. If you’re looking for a warm pair, we like the Charter Club Women’s Pajamas Set. This Macy’s exclusive is made from ultra-soft fleece and features a comfortable mid-rise waistband. It’s available in six pastel designs and even comes wrapped in satin ribbon for a beautiful gift presentation.

For new moms and moms-to-be, we love the Analise During & After 5-Piece Maternity/Nursing Sleep Set. This cozy set is made of a flexible rayon and spandex blend and features a V-neck for easy-access nursing. The set also comes with a matching hat and gown for the newborn, so it’s certainly photo-shoot ready.


Q. What are the best pajamas for pregnant women?
Depending how far along they are in their pregnancy, expectant mothers may prefer maternity pajamas with a flexible waistband or oversize top. For those who experience discomfort or night sweats, you could choose a pajama set that is sleeveless.

Q. Can I get pajamas embroidered?
Of course, though it looks better on some materials than others, such as satin, silk, or polyester. Cotton pajamas can also be embroidered, but if the material shrinks, the stitching can become warped. If there are embroidery settings on your sewing machine, it’s certainly a project you can handle yourself. If not, take the pajamas to an experienced tailor or embroiderer.

Q. I’m petite, and pajama bottoms are usually really long on me. Are there petite styles or other options?
 There are some petite pajama sets, though they’re harder to find. Because the length of bottoms is an issue, you may wish to explore pajama sets that include shorts or cropped bottoms.

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