Best Men’s Pajamas in 2021 Reviews & Buyguide

When it’s time to unwind, what you wear can make or break your relaxation experience. That’s why it’s a good idea to invest in a cozy pair of men’s pajamas. Pajamas are the quintessential loungewear. The matching tops and bottoms exude comfort, making them the perfect choice for staying in bed all day or hanging out on the couch while you catch up on your favorite shows.

As you embark on your search for a pair of men’s pajamas, one of the first features to consider is the material. Many men choose pajamas based on the season. Flannel pajamas, for example, are preferred for cold weather wear, while lightweight cotton or satin pajamas are ideal for warmer temperatures.

If you’re wondering which men’s pajamas you should be wearing, we invite you to take a look at this buying guide. We cover everything you need to know about pajamas so you can find the perfect set in no time. Check out a few of our favorites, too.

1 Alexander Del Rossa Satin Long Button-Down

Alexander Del Rossa Satin Long Button-Down

Proper sizing can be a challenge, but these affordable and stylish satin pajamas work well for those who seek the look and feel of silk. Some length alterations may be required, however. Polyester material has a soft satin-like quality. Includes a sleep mask. Material and stitching hold up well after multiple washes.
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2 TONY & CANDICE Classic Satin Sleepwear

TONY & CANDICE Classic Satin Sleepwear

Sizing tends to run on the smaller side, but the proportions on this satin pajama set are generous. A wide assortment of colors is available. Comfortable satin material smooth on outside, soft on inside. Retains surprising amount of heat. Big and tall users report a good fit.
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3 Hanes Woven Plain-Weave

Hanes Woven Plain-Weave

For those pajama wearers who seek the comfort and security of a button fly pant instead of a drawstring, this is the set to consider. The material is closer to flannel than satin, but is ideal for warm weather sleeping. "Old School" button fly pajama style not easily found elsewhere. Comfortable summer weight for warmer climates. Popular choice for women, too.
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4 Robes King Broadcloth Woven

Robes King Broadcloth Woven

More of a summer weight pajama set, but features a button fly design that is hard to find. We recommend ordering a larger size than usual for the best fit. Secure button closures on pants, shirt, and collar. Minimal shrinkage after wash. Numerous styles to choose from.
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Tops: Traditional pajama tops consist of buttoned long-sleeved shirts, many of which have front pockets. More recently, you can find pajamas with sleeveless and short-sleeved tops. Most pajama tops are generously cut to allow the wearer full range of movement. Sleeves tend to be fairly boxy or baggy as well. Given these design attributes, there is plenty of room to layer with pajama tops. Many men, for example, wear an undershirt or T-shirt under their pajama top.

Bottoms: Most pajama bottoms for men are full-length pants. Like the tops, the bottoms are boxy, loose, and comfortable. It’s common for pajama bottoms to have side and rear pockets; however, many men feel they’re not particularly useful. Because pajama material is fairly flimsy, items like phones and keys will weigh down the fabric.

Classic vs. deluxe

Classic pajama sets include a top and a bottom. Many wearers keep it simple and invest in a classic pajama set, especially if they don’t intend to use the additional items commonly found in deluxe pajama sets.

Deluxe pajama sets might also include a robe, slippers, and/or additional tops or T-shirts. These sets offer the most bang for the buck because the pieces would be quite expensive if purchased individually.



Men’s pajamas are usually available in sizes small through 2XL. Men’s big and tall sizes run between 3XL and 7XL. For the most part, the sizing is fairly accurate, though many men prefer to size up for a more spacious fit. Another reason men size up is to account for the material shrinking in the wash, which can happen with cotton blends.


Cotton remains the most popular choice for pajama material because it’s soft, breathable, and lightweight. However, cotton is prone to shrinking and fading.

Polyester pajamas have gained in popularity recently. They’re soft and lightweight, plus they won’t shrink, fade, or stretch out. One of the pitfalls of polyester, however, is that it’s not a very breathable fabric unless it’s blended with cotton.

Silk has a cool, smooth feel and is the most luxurious choice for pajamas. Silk also excels at temperature regulation, plus it’s hypoallergenic. Unfortunately, it stains and wrinkles rather easily.

Satin, like silk, is luxurious, but it’s far more affordable. It’s a popular choice for men with dry skin because it doesn’t absorb moisture like cotton or polyester. Because satin isn’t very warm, it isn’t usually recommended for cold weather wear.


When it comes to the overall comfort of men’s pajamas, the waistband can make or break a purchase. The most common waistbands are drawstring and elastic. There are also hybrid waistbands that integrate both a drawstring and elastic.

Drawstring waistbands have a cord that can be loosened or tightened easily and are ideal for men who prefer an adjustable fit. However, some men feel the drawstring is somewhat uncomfortable when they sit or move in bed.

Elastic waistbands are essentially no-fuss. They expand to fit the waist, plus they stay put and don’t require constant adjusting. However, elastic does wear out. Exposure to heat from washing and drying causes it to dry out and deteriorate.

Hybrid waistbands offer the best of both worlds. They’re ideal for maximum flexibility and optimal fit. While many wearers feel the hybrid is the most comfortable option, others say they experience difficulty finding the right fit in pajamas with this type of waistband.


To get the most out of your pajamas, it’s important that you wash and care for them properly.

Cotton and polyester blends are machine washable, though it’s often recommended that they be hung to air-dry.

Satin pajamas are machine washable as well, though it’s best to use a delicate cycle and hang them to dry.

Silk pajamas should be hand-washed or dry cleaned.

It’s also helpful to wash pajamas separately from other clothing. Because they’re made with fine materials, rougher fabrics like denim or khaki can damage the pajamas in the washing machine. Another reason to wash pajamas separately is to avoid any damage caused by zippers, which can shred or cause runs in the material.


Slippers: UGG Men’s Ascot Slippers
For head-to-toe comfort, invest in a pair of slippers to go with your pajamas. This much-loved pair from UGG features a cozy shearling lining and water-resistant suede shell.

Robe: Alexander Del Rossa Fleece Robe
Add another layer of coziness to your pajamas with a plush robe like this one made with super-warm heavyweight fleece. It also has an oversize hood and extra-long hem to keep you as warm as possible.


Men’s pajamas range in price from $15 to $250. Material and quality affect price the most, followed by the name brand.

Inexpensive: Classic cotton and polyester pajama sets cost between $15 and $50. Quality toward the lower end of this range is hit or miss, while those toward the higher end are generally well made.

Mid-range: These pajama sets, many made by reputable name brands, cost between $50 and $100. Sets in this bracket are made of better-quality cotton and polyester blends, and some are made of silk or satin.

Expensive: Designer pajama sets, including many deluxe sets, cost as much as $125 to $200. More often than not, these sets are made by high-end designers and packaged in attractive gift boxes or bags.


  • Save the spare buttons. Many pajama sets come with spare buttons that are either sewn into a seam or attached to tags. Save these spares in your sock drawer so they’re easy to find when you need a replacement.
  • Iron delicate materials on low heat. If you’d like to get the wrinkles out of satin or silk pajamas, make sure to set your iron on the lowest heat setting. It’s also a good idea to turn the pajamas inside out before you press them.
  • Invest in multiple sets. If you’re a big fan of the fit of certain pajamas, consider buying the same set in multiple colors or patterns.
  • Wash new pajamas before you wear them. Some pajamas use high-pigment dyes, which could transfer to upholstery and other surfaces. To avoid this, it’s recommended that you wash the pajamas twice before you wear them to remove any remaining dye.


Q. Are there different inseam lengths available in men’s pajamas?

A. Unfortunately, no. Inseams are a standard length for men’s pajamas in sizes small through 2XL. For that reason, men of shorter stature might need to have the pants hemmed, while taller wearers may find the hems are a bit too short. However, some men’s big and tall sizes offer longer inseams.

Q. Do all men’s pajamas have a button fly?

A. Many do, but it’s not a standard feature. Some pajama bottoms lack a fly altogether, while others have a fly but no button closure.

Q. Why do tiny balls of fabric accumulate on the pajamas?

A. This is called pilling, which is when tiny broken fibers tangle together. It’s typically present in high-friction areas, such as the thighs or seat of pajama bottoms. The good news is that it’s fairly common with everyday wear and tear. One way to minimize pilling is by washing the pajamas with gentle detergent and fabric softener.


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