Best Women’s Fleece Robes in 2021 Reviews & Buying Guide

If you’re thinking of upgrading your loungewear collection, make sure a fleece robe is at the top of your list. There’s something uniquely comforting about fleece robes. They’re warm and cozy, and according to many wearers they’re the perfect choice for a relaxing day or night at home.

There are countless fleece robes on the market. Finding the right one for you boils down to examining the robe’s finer details. The plushness of the fleece, for example, impacts the warmth of the robe. While most feature a belt, some newer robes have zippers, which some wearers prefer. Length is an important consideration as well, especially if you’re one of the many wearers who like to enjoy the head-to-toe warmth afforded by a longer robe.

Not sure where to begin your search for the ideal fleece robe? To help you find it, we’ve put together this buying guide to point you in the right direction. And we’ve included some of our favorites to get your shopping started.

1 Alexander Del Rossa Women’s Relaxed Fit Zip-Front Fleece Robe

Alexander Del Rossa Women’s Relaxed Fit Zip-Front Fleece Robe

Available in multiple patterns and colors, this fluffy and soft robe personifies luxury and comfort on a chilly day. Zipper closure rather than a tie is easier to keep closed, especially for extended wear. Long length is convenient for added warmth. Robe features 2 deep pockets, which are perfect for warming hands and holding items like cell phone.
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2 Pembrook Plush Fleece Kimono Wrap

Pembrook Plush Fleece Kimono Wrap

This robe comes at a lower price point than competing designs without sacrificing fashion or function. Shorter length robe falls just above the knee. Available in several color options. Dries well if worn right after getting out of the shower. Soft and cozy to wear all throughout the winter. Conveniently machine washable. Ties at waist.
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3 Richie House Women’s Plush Soft Warm Fleece Bathrobe

Richie House Women’s Plush Soft Warm Fleece Bathrobe

This is more of a traditional, tie-front bathrobe that is incredibly soft, offering warmth and supreme comfort. Available in a multitude of both neutral and vibrant colors. Warm and fluffy without feeling overly heavy or bulky. This robe is midi-length on most, hitting just above the ankle. Robe washes well and retains softness even after many wears and washes.
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4 Leveret Women’s Robe Soft Micro Fleece

Leveret Women’s Robe Soft Micro Fleece

This robe is a comfortable and soft choice for anyone looking to stay warm all winter, with the length hitting below one’s knees. Belted robe that boasts softness and warmth. Possesses 2 convenient pockets and belt loops at different heights to choose where to tie robe closed. Available in many color options. Length of robe and arms are both pleasing.
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Benefits of fleece

Soft: The most appealing quality of fleece robes is their softness. They’re made of fine, densely packed polyester fibers that are gentle against the skin. Some fleece robes even have similar textures to blankets or stuffed animals.

Warm: Fleece robes are known for their warmth, which is why they’re a popular choice to layer over other loungewear. Fleece is considered a good insulator because its fibers trap warm air, including body heat.

Lightweight: Despite how soft and warm fleece robes are, they remain incredibly lightweight, which adds to their easy-to-wear appeal. Fleece robes are generally much lighter than most terry cloth robes.

Durable: Because fleece robes are made of polyester, they’re quite durable and hold up to years of regular wear. They’re also colorfast and won’t shrink in the wash.

Moisture resistant: Fleece is moisture resistant, making it a perennial favorite for post-shower wear. While fleece won’t dry you off, it also won’t saturate with water and take several hours to dry like terry cloth robes do.

Drawbacks of fleece

Care: Fleece robes have to be washed in very specific cycles to prevent damage. They don’t tolerate warm temperatures well at all, and for that reason, they must be washed in cool water and hung up to air-dry.

Dust: The fine polyester fibers in fleece robes attract dust, pet hair, pollen, and other microscopic particles. As expected, it’s a concern for allergy sufferers.

Heat: Fleece robes are flammable, and they’re particularly sensitive to heat exposure. For that reason, it’s best to keep them away from radiators and vents.


There is no standard sizing for women’s fleece robes. Many manufacturers simply create their own size range, which means it can be somewhat challenging to find a well-fitting robe without trying on a few styles and sizes. More often than not, you’ll find women’s fleece robes in small, medium, and large. Only a few manufacturers offer extra-small or larger sizes. It’s fairly difficult to find petite sizes; however, there are quite a few options for women’s plus-size fleece robes. Some fleece robes are one size fits all.



Fleece robes are available in several lengths, and it should be noted that the length varies based on the height of the wearer. Here’s a simple breakdown of the most common lengths for women’s fleece robes.

Short fleece robes hit above the knee. They’re popular for wearers who prefer wearing the robe like a cozy cardigan with pajamas. However, many wearers agree that these robes are a bit too short to wear on their own.

Mid-length fleece robes fall at the knee or just below it. These are ideal for wearers who prefer moderate warmth and coverage without extra bulkiness.

Three-quarter fleece robes fall approximately mid-calf. This is by far the most common length because it offers considerable coverage and won’t inhibit walking like some longer robes can.

Full-length fleece robes, which usually fall just above the ankle or graze the top of the instep, are ideal for wearers in search of head-to-toe coziness. While they envelop the body in comfort, they can get in the way of walking, especially going up stairs.


The height of the pile is the length of the fibers. As far as fleece robes are concerned, the higher the pile, the plusher and fluffier the robe. Pile height, however, doesn’t necessarily reflect the overall quality of a fleece robe. More than anything, it’s a matter of personal preference.


It’s common for fleece robes to have two spacious front pockets. They’re usually large enough to accommodate a phone and a few other essentials. A few fleece robes have side pockets, though these pockets tend to be much smaller.

It’s important to note that fleece robes don’t have much structural integrity. This means the lightweight nature of the fleece is easily weighed down. As a result, placing items like a phone inside the pocket will undoubtedly cause the robe to sag on one side.

Belt vs. zipper

Belted fleece robes remain the more popular style, mostly because of their comfortable, adjustable fit. In fact, they’re incredibly accommodating for anyone whose weight fluctuates. However, some women find the belt gets in the way or adds bulk to the midsection.

There are now quite a few fleece robes with zippers on the market. Many of these styles feature a full-length zipper that allows the robe to be worn open like a kimono. One of the downsides of these robes is that you can’t adjust the fit.


Women’s fleece robes cost between $25 and $120, which mostly depends on quality.

Inexpensive: These fleece robes cost $25 to $40. They’re often made with lower-quality fleece, which is thin and not as warm. For the most part, you’ll only find belted styles in this bracket.

Mid-range: These styles cost $50 to $80. Fleece robes in this range are generally good or excellent quality and have fine details like quality stitching or a textured finish.

Expensive: The most expensive fleece robes cost $90 to $120. While many of these styles are spa-quality with plush, high-quality fleece, many fleece robes in this range are marked up because of the brand name.


  • Consider a deluxe robe set. If you’d like to gift a women’s fleece robe, consider spending a little more on a deluxe robe set. These come with additional pieces, such as slippers or towels, plus they’re often neatly packaged in an attractive bag or box.
  • Avoid towel warmers. While it’s wonderful to put on something warm when you get out of the shower, fleece robes can’t tolerate the heat of towel warmers.
  • Donate an old fleece robe. Some animal shelters accept donations of clean used robes and towels, which are repurposed for bedding inside kennels and cages.


Q. Are there any women’s fleece robes that have a hood?

A. They weren’t very common in the past, but now there are quite a few styles with hoods on the market. While they don’t have a drawstring closure, the hoods on fleece robes tend to be incredibly spacious and cozy.

Q. What type of cuffs do fleece robes have?

A. Most women’s fleece robes feature plain, open cuffs. It’s common for sleeves to be extra long to accommodate wearers with longer arms, and for that reason, many sleeves end up rolled up or folded back. There are some fleece robes that have elastic cuffs, but they’re much harder to find.

Q. How will I know it’s time to replace a fleece robe?

A. It’s time to replace a fleece robe once you notice the material is getting thin or matted. Fortunately, even when a robe is worn on a daily basis, it can take a few years for it to sustain this type of wear. Another key indicator that it’s time to replace a fleece robe is if the seams begin to split open. While it’s easy enough to fix a seam by hand or with a sewing machine, fleece isn’t the easiest material to work with. It’s less of a headache to simply replace the robe.

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