Vulcan Mind Meld 2-Piece Necklace Set Jewelry by RockLove

Sculpted in solid sterling silver, the Vulcan Mind Meld is a set of two necklaces that represents a telepathic link. KASHEK – the Vulcan word for MIND – is written in Vulcan Calligraphy on each pendant, one cut out and one sculpted in relief. When the two wearers stack the pendants, “melding” each “mind” … they snap together in perfect union.

Captain Kathryn Janeway Sixth Scale Figure by EXO-6

The first female captain to headline a Star Trek series, Kathryn Janeway shepherded the USS Voyager through the Borg-infested Delta Quadrant and safely returned her crew home after seven successful seasons. Janeway would not hesitate to defy Starfleet protocol and lead away missions herself, even into a Borg cube where she’d make sure she’s the last one out. She led her crew as a wise single parent, even guiding the holographic Doctor and the former Borg, Seven of Nine, into growing and learning what it meant to be human. Kate Mulgrew’s portrayal of the brave and resourceful; yet warm and vulnerable captain endeared her to the millions of fans that cite Voyager as their favorite Star Trek series.

Jean-Luc Picard 1oz Silver Coin Silver Collectible by New Zealand Mint

Officially licensed, this coin is made from 1oz pure silver and has been colored and shaped to mirror Picard as Chibi art. It showcases Picard in his red Starfleet uniform and of course, his iconic bald head. The outer box is Star Trek themed which serves as the perfect complement to the coin. The box also includes a large window, allowing you to display your collectible as is! Inside, the coin is placed in an acrylic case for safe storage. 

U.S.S. Enterprise (Star Trek 2009) Model by Eaglemoss

This new interpretation of the U.S.S. Enterprise had a sleeker look than the ‘60s original, with plenty of moving components and a “hot rod” look. It was significantly larger to boot, with a more muscular appearance and far more advanced military systems. In the words of visual supervisor David Dozoretz, it was “a 2009 version of the ’60s”.

Ressikan Flute Prop Replica by Factory Entertainment

Factory Entertainment’s 1:1 scale prop replica Ressikan Flute has been copied directly from surviving resources in the CBS archives to ensure accuracy. It is milled from solid brass alloy and hand-painted to suggest a vintage finish, and is completed with a wound cord tassel decoration. The storage box is cast from polyresin and lined with EPS foam. The flute appeared in several episodes and, as is normal for productions, some small modifications where made to it over the course of time. This replica has been designed to capture them all in single blended execution. Like the prop, the Flute does not play, however, the Factory Entertainment development team understood that the melody we hear is intrinsically linked to the prop and as such we wanted to include it in some way, but this represented significant technical and licensing challenges. 

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