Best Summer Waves Pools Review

Are you a water baby? Can’t think of anything more fun than swimming in summer?

Do you hate waiting in long unending queues for the swimming pool in summer?

Need more accessibility to pools? No more going to the water parks and standing in those long queues!

We have curated a list of the Best Summer Waves pools available for you to buy. Now enjoy your summer along with friends and families at your home in a cool manner!

These Summer Waves pools are large and can accommodate many people, easy to fit, come with one of the best pumps, and also have high strength.

These pools are not your ordinary-looking blue pools made with flimsy material, they are made of good quality weaved material that looks great and is in sync with your lovely outdoor area.

Although the pools are quite expensive but are worthy of investment. We have curated a list of some of the best products available and reviewed them for you!

Best Summer Waves Pool Review

I already publish a list of the Best Above Ground Pools and today I’m writing the Best Summer Waves Pools Review. Check the list below-

1. Summer Waves Round Pool (14′ x 48″)

This is the best option out there. It has all the best features and we totally recommend this one! It’s a large pool with a stylish exterior. It’s easy to set up. The pool is made of a strong metal frame and has a snap-in design to ensure durability.

It comes along with a ladder and chlorinator that can be attracted to the sidewall. This pool has a triple layer to protect itself from external disturbances like harsh weather.

Such a nice product to own if you want to enjoy luxury and have a private time at your house itself.

  • It’s very spacious- 14foot in diameter, 48 inches deep and has a capacity of 4,000gallons.
  • It has an SFX1000 filter pump and a ladder.
  • It has a triple layer polyester mesh and heavy gauge PVC material.
  • Attractive weave wicker pattern exterior.
  • Easy to set up and negligible maintenance cost.
  • Takes an hour to initial set up. .

2. Summer Waves Outdoor Frame Pool (12′ x 33″)

If you want the best pool in a smaller version, this is it! This pool has the best features and is compact so you can easily fit it in a smaller area too.

It’s triple-layered and has a high strength metal frame with an SFX6000 filter pump which performs dual functions of a skimmer and a filter pump.

This pump can be attached to the sidewall to prevent you from tripping. This is a round pool with 12 feet in diameter, 2.75 feet deep, and a capacity of 1,600 gallons.

  • Quick installation.
  • It has an SFX1000 filter pump and a ladder.
  • It comes with an SFX600 filter pump.
  • Dark grey herringbone wicker pattern looks amazing.
  • Compact and easy to carry.
  • Does not come with a ladder, should be purchase separately.

3. Summer Waves Above Ground Frame Pool (18′ x 48″)

This is a rectangle pool by Summer Waves, which is very spacious and can accommodate a lot of people.

This pool comes with all the elements an ideal pool requires. It has the SFX1500 Skimmer Plus pump and comes with products like ground cloth, fitted pool cover, 4-step ladder, etc.

This pool has a resistant metal frame for rigidity and strength. The manufacturer’s warranty for the pool pump is 180 days and for the pool liner, it is 90 days.

The best and the most luxurious one! Ideal for your dream pool party.

  • Large-sized- 24 foot by 12 foot by 52 inches deep.
  • One of the best pumps.
  • It comes with all the necessary equipment.
  • Deluxe maintenance kit for better quality.
  • It can store 8,393 gallons.
  • Bit expensive.

4. Summer Waves Rectangle Swimming Pool (32′ x 16′ x 52″)

This is the biggest pool and comes with amenities like- ladder, deluxe maintenance kit, ground cloth, and fitted pool cover.

The exterior is again a dark grey wicker pattern which gives it a nice look. If you’re looking for a bigger size Summer Waves frame pool then it would be a perfect choice.

The four-step ladder makes entry and exits easy. The ladder is easy to set up and it’s light and compact. It comes with a 12inch sand pump which keeps the water cool and fresh.

This pool has a warranty of 180 and 90 days for the pool pump and pool liner respectively. This rectangle frame pool has a resistant metal frame that will stand up to heavy use and elements. Thus, reducing the risk of damage.

  • Very spacious and big- 32 ft by 16 ft and 52 inches deep..
  • Unique and low maintenance sand filter pump.
  • It can store 14,921 gallons of water.
  • It comes with all the required equipment.
  • Excellent choice if you need a bigger size above ground pool in your backyard.
  • Too big for a normal garden area.
  • It’s expensive.

5. Summer Waves Elite Frame Swimming Pool (14′ x 42″)

This Summer Waves Elite Pool is perfect for a small area. It has a filter cartridge and a pump system too. It’s quick and easy to assemble. The interior is the best, the mosaic tile paint is just marvelous and makes the pool look richer.

The deluxe kit includes a telescoping pole, a vacuum brush, and a skinner net. The pump can be attached to the sidewall.

The tools that come along with the pool make it very easy to maintain.

The filter pump has an oval-shaped frame tube for durability. The pool’s appearance gives a very calm and cool vibe as it’s blue and grey in color.

  • It comes with a maintenance kit, step ladder, ground cloth and a built-in skimmer.
  • Ideal size for a family.
  • Attractive interiors.
  • Firm and steady ladder.
  • Built-in filter pump system.
  • It’s difficult to keep its exterior clean as it’s very light in color.

6. Summer Waves Active Metal Frame Pool (8′ x 30″)

This is the best pool to invest in if you are a family of four or have children at your place. It’s 8 feet in diameter and 30 inches deep.

It’s small and compact. This pool has a classy, dark Herringbone wicker print exterior which will compliment your home too.

It’s round in shape. This metal frame pool comes with a type I filter cartridge and SFX330 SkimmerPlus 110-120 volt filter pump. The metal frame withstands heavy use and goods.

  • Easy and quick to assemble.
  • Ideal for small family.
  • Metal frame gives sturdy and longer life.
  • Has a safe, GFCI grounded-plug power cord.
  • It cannot accommodate many people.

Final Verdict

Summer Wave pools are here to make your lives easier and summers better! You can enjoy your swimming along with the calm of your backyard.

You can throw that pool party you always wanted and avoid all those long queues forever! It is definitely worth a try!

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